As many people as possible are invited to engage with the Food Systems Summit through the three types of Dialogues:

The success of a Food Systems Summit Dialogue depends primarily on the participants and the ways in which they interact with each other. The roles of Dialogue Convenor, Curator and Facilitator are particularly important in ensuring the Dialogues build on the experience, knowledge, interest and initiatives of participants. They will expand and enrich existing processes and explorations and create moments for participants to meet together and make connections with other stakeholders who have different perspectives on ways to address on food systems challenges.

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Key roles

Each role comes with a set of responsibilities that include a number of defined tasks. The description of these roles reflects experience with organizing Food Systems Dialogues in different settings. In practice, Dialogues can be organized differently, e.g. by combining or splitting responsibilities and tasks. However, it is suggested that no responsibility or task is overlooked or omitted in order to ensure that participants derive maximum value from each Dialogue.

Desirable skills and attributes of Dialogue Convenors, Curators and Facilitators

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Regular orientation and training opportunities are available to support these critical roles. Click here to learn more.