Dialogue Convenor

A Convenor is responsible for the planning, organization and execution of a Dialogue and the submission of Official Feedback to the UN Food Systems Summit.

Convenors ensure that:

  • an integrated, interdisciplinary, and exploratory approach is adopted to shape pathways to sustainable food systems;
  • all aspects – from preparation, planning, execution, and reporting – embrace the Principles of Engagement for the Food Systems Summit;
  • a diverse set of stakeholder groups is invited to participate in the Dialogue;
  • the participants who join the Dialogue have a range of profiles and experience;
  • special consideration is given to engaging stakeholder groups who do not normally take part in Dialogues about the future of food systems.

Click the image above to view a PDF of the process in more detail and step-by-step instructions on Announcing a Dialogue and Publishing Official Feedback. More detailed instructions are available in the Reference Manual (العربية | English | Français | Português | Español | Русский)

I am ready to register and Convene a Dialogue

Convenors for different types of Dialogue

Member State Dialogue Convenor (or National Dialogue Convenor)

The United Nations (UN) Deputy Secretary-General has requested that UN Member States appoint Member State Dialogue Convenors.  This national Convenor will be responsible for organizing a Dialogues programme which focuses on the transformation of national food systems so that by 2030 they are aligned with, and making significant contributions to, the Sustainable Development Goals.  The Convenor is responsible for ensuring that the Dialogues programme contributes to a pathway for national food systems transformation through engaging a broad range of stakeholder groups.

At Stage 2 of the Member State Dialogues programme, Member State Dialogue Convenors are able to appoint “Sub-national Dialogue Convenors” who convene Dialogues at the sub-national level. Findings from these sub-national Dialogues are harvested at a national-level Dialogue, also as part of Stage 2.

In countries with UN presence, UN Resident Coordinators and Representatives of UN system entities as well as summit Champions, in-country scientists, and food systems partners (including development partners) are committed to support Member States to develop and implement their Dialogues programme.

Click here to learn about the list of officially nominated Member State Dialogue Convenors.

Independent Dialogue Convenor

Anyone can embark on the process to convene an Independent Dialogue. Independent Dialogue Convenors can be self-nominated or be appointed to convene Dialogues on behalf of an organisation, for example an association, union or company. Convenors commit to enabling Dialogues that respect a healthy diversity of viewpoints, encourage shared exploration and reveal promising new ways of working together. Convenors will consider how best to include:

  • People who work to feed a population by growing, harvesting, packing, processing, distributing, selling, storing, marketing, consuming or disposing of food.
  • People who work in sectors that shape food systems, including infrastructure, transport, financial services, information and technology.
  • People whose work affects other critical facets of food systems, including natural resources, the environment, the economy, culture, indigenous knowledge, policies, politics, trade, regulations and more.

Convenors will create an inclusive and supportive venue for debate, collaboration, consensus-building and shared commitment to making change happen. The role of Convenor can be shared and Dialogues can be “Co-convened”.

Global Summit Dialogue Convenor

The Global Summit Dialogues take place alongside key global conventions on climate, biodiversity, environment, nutrition, oceans, economies, and related issues within the 2030 Agenda that have connections to food systems. The Global Summit Dialogues are Co-convened by the Food Systems Summit Special Envoy, Agnes Kalibata, with relevant Co-convenors depending on the event. Their main purpose being to bring political attention to food systems in high-level thematic and sectoral meetings and processes.

Supportive roles to the Convenor

Dialogue Supporters

Dialogue Supporters are responsible for helping the Convenor with the planning, organization and execution of one or more Dialogues. The Convenor may delegate one or more tasks to Dialogue Supporters. Dialogue Supporters will typically have some experience with event organization to manage the practicalities of the event execution. For online Dialogues this includes management of the online meeting platform.

Technical permissions can be granted to Dialogue Supporters one a Dialogue webpage has been created in the Take Part Zone.

Engagement Support Network

Individuals are invited to organize themselves in informal and formal networks at local, national and international levels. Networks may include, but are not limited to, Food Systems Summit Champions, in-country scientists, rights- based movements, local development and food partners, international and NGOs. Network members are invited to make themselves known to Dialogue Convenors and offer assistance with the preparation and organization of Dialogues.

The c Take Part Zone  is a secure area for Convenors to access further materials, announce a Dialogue that will appear on the Global Map of Dialogues and publish the Official Feedback to the UN Food Systems Summit.

More information about orientation and training can be found here.