Member State Dialogues

To support Member States in developing national pathways towards sustainable food systems in the coming months, they are encouraged to initiate multi-stakeholder Food Systems Summit Dialogues between November 2020 and May 2021. These Dialogues will take place in three stages, within different sub-national settings as well as nationally. The United Nations (UN) Deputy Secretary-General has requested that UN Member States appoint Member State Dialogue Convenors.  This national Convenor will be responsible for defining and organizing the Member State Dialogues programme.

Update December, 2022

In the follow-up to the September 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit, the UN Secretary-General along with leadership and staff from several agencies across the UN system have created a Food Systems Coordination Hub. “The Hub” serves as a central point in charge of maintaining the momentum, building on, and advancing the deliverables that have emerged out of the two-year summit process. Click here for more information about Post-Summit follow-up and The Hub.

As of 30 December, 2022, The Hub website hosts country information including the names of Member State Dialogue Convenors as well as documents related to national pathways to sustainable food systems.

Visit the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub website for this information here:

The Dialogues will be open to participants from all stakeholder groups with an interest in the relationships between people, food and the planet and who are involved in national food systems. Dialogue participants agree to work together in ways that reflect the principles of engagement in the Summit. It will not just be group leaders in the Dialogues: the leaders will invite individuals from within their groups (especially those who are younger or under-represented) to become involved.

The national Dialogues are expected to result in the shaping of national pathways to sustainable food systems and expressions of intention to support these pathways from a broad range of stakeholders, providing opportunities for these stakeholders to engage in preparations for the Summit through structured interactions.

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These Dialogues are convened by national authorities and take place in three stages:

  • Stage 1 initiates the engagement of stakeholder groups at national level
  • Stage 2 is explicitly designed to include sub-national Dialogues (in cities, counties, states, prefectorates or other jurisdictions)
  • Stage 3 will then shape the national pathway for sustainable food systems (in line with the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development) and consolidate country level commitments and actions.

Intergovernmental Dialogues

To reinforce the Member State Dialogues process, some governments are working together to hold Intergovernmental Dialogues that appreciate and explore regional aspects of food systems to further inform how they are shaping national pathways to sustainable food systems. Intergovernmental Dialogues are considered as part of the Member State Dialogue preparatory process for the UN 2021 Food Systems Summit. Feedback from these Dialogues will inform the syntheses of Member State Dialogues.

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Key Resources

Convenor Connection Sessions

Member State Dialogue Convenors are invited to attend Convenor Connection Sessions. These sessions relate to the three stages of the Member State Dialogue Process, focused on the stage that is relevant at the time of the session. Sessions include time for Q&A and breakout discussions for networking and collective mentoring of attendees across multiple countries. More information about training opportunities including the monthly schedule can be found here and Member State Dialogue Convenors can directly access training registration links in the Take Part Zone.

If you are not a nominated Member State Dialogue Convenor but believe it would be valuable for you to attend, please send us a message at [email protected].

Synthesis Reports

Synthesis reports of Member State Dialogues are prepared by the Food Systems Summit Dialogues Support Team. Based on the Official Feedback Forms submitted by National Convenors, the syntheses provide an analysis of progressions and trends across countries. They are shared with all workstreams of the Summit (Action Tracks, independent Scientific Group, Levers of Change, network of Champions, leadership of the Summit) to contribute to the preparation of the pre-Summit and Summit.

  • Description of the inception period, 29 January 2021 (English)
  • Member State Dialogues Synthesis Report 1, May 2021 (English)
  • Member State Dialogues Synthesis Report 2, July 2021 (English)
  • Member State Dialogues Synthesis Report 3, September 2021 (English)
  • Member State Dialogues Synthesis Report 4, March 2022 (English)
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