Dialogue participants

The Dialogues are prepared and convened so that they welcome participants and enable them to engage purposefully with open exchanges. Participants in the Dialogues are expected to listen to each other and be open to the co-existence of divergent points of view.

It is critical that Dialogues include a wide range of stakeholders from different groups of food producers and processors, distributors and retailers, caterers, chefs, marketers, traders and others directly involved in moving food from farm to fork. They will include professionals who work for the health and nutrition of women and children, as well as those who help to govern territories, protect livelihoods, foster resilience, regenerate ecosystems, participate in climate action, manage freshwater, and steward coastlines, seas and the ocean. They will be from small, medium and large enterprises, community organizations, universities, schools, and more, and will include members of stakeholder groups including women, youth, indigenous peoples and migrants.

The Dialogues are carefully curated and facilitated in order to help participants explore convergences and differences. They are designed to offer informed, and constructive feedback for use in the preparation of the Summit. The Dialogues approach enables participants to:

  • Listen to each other;
  • Welcome diverse perspectives;
  • Seek out new connections;
  • Explore both synergy and divergence;
  • Collaborate in order to identify promising courses of action;
  • Debate potential impact of different strategies.

By the end of the Dialogue period participants will have identified the practices and policies that will have the greatest impact on the achievement of the desired future vision within their local food systems. They will also consider how it will be possible to assess progress towards this vision as well as who needs to be involved in getting there and what kinds of challenges will need to be navigated along the way.

How do you become a Dialogue participant?

Participants are invited to Dialogue events by the Convenor as they are closed events. If you would like to take part in a Dialogue but have not been invited by a Convenor, you can explore Dialogues that are being planned. In some instances, Dialogue Convenors are able to be contacted on the Dialogue event webpage.

What to do if you have been invited to be a participant

If you have been invited to a Dialogue event by a Convenor, you can register on the Gateway in the section “TAKE PART’. Once registered, you will be able to accept the invitation and access more details about the event including the exact location and logistics or joining details (for virtual events).